We are leading the way in building the Broward County startup ecosystem and driving innovation at Broward College. Our goal is to empower you to start and grow your business as a member of our community or a Broward College student entrepreneur on campus.

The Innovation Hub is a mixed-use business incubator, focusing on housing a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, mentors, advisors and investors, and serving as a one-stop resource for business owners, innovators and committed individuals pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions. 

Startup NOW is Broward County’s leading accelerator program, in partnership with Career Source Broward, funded by an i6 Challenge Grant from the US Department of Commerce. Learn how to develop your innovative idea and start a successful small business. We provide the resources:  about $20,000 worth of best practices, education and mentoring, plus 12 college credits – all FREE of charge, if you qualify.

We have leveraged years of experience and best practices to provide you the tools that will catalyze your success. Our programs offer you the knowledge, mentorship, resources and experiences to make you achieve clarity of purpose and make you thrive.

It is up to you. Join our community.