Cre8tiveDevsSoftware hosted an Agile Project Management workshop by Broward College professor Victor Arenas on Friday, October 5, 2018. The software development team and other invited entrepreneurs and guests had the opportunity to partake in the wisdom Professor Arenas shared, as he explained how Agile is more about BEING a certain way than DOING things in a certain manner. Being agile means operating with a very specific mindset defined by values, guided by principles and manifested through practices – all of which he explained in detail with great examples. The last part of the workshop was a very engaging and rich learning opportunity, as we all played a highly interactive Kanban simulation game. We want to thank professor Arenas for such a wonderful workshop.

Agile Project Management Workshop by Professor Victor Arenas, PMP, ACP, CSP, ITIL, LSSBB, CISSP