On Thursday February 8th, we were on the road visiting with our good friend Mrs. Lotus Cliff (in the middle), star Graphic Arts professor at Deerfield Beach High School. Mrs. Cliff, as her loving students know her, teaches the graphics courses in the Communications and Broadcasting Arts MAGNET program, which include among others Advertising, Marketing, Photoshop and Illustrator. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lotus for the past 4 years, as I initially got involved in the LEEO (Linking Education to Employment Outcomes) program at Broward College as one of the liaisons between the college and the participant schools. She is at the very top of my “hard working, most creative” people scale, as she not only teaches them artistic skills but also life skills to inspire her students to become valued workers and entrepreneurs. As I have witnessed year after year when I spend the morning as a judge panelist critiquing and evaluating her student’s company branding and marketing presentations, Lotus exudes passion and her engagement with the students is phenomenal. That is why I answer her call to visit every year, and share a bit with her students about South Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem opportunities, and how Broward College can be a catalyst for their dreams and ambitions. I shared the panel that morning with Michele Liberis-McNabb, Founder and President of The Million Heiress Club, providing Sisterhood, Professional Development & Entrepreneurship to an amazing cadre of fine local women – and expanding outside the state! It was a powerful morning, shared with an old and a new friend, looking to empower the new generations.

Innovation Hub visits Deerfield Beach High School