Today at eMerge Americas I met dozens of people looking to make the right connection to help their businesses move further along to the next goal. I saw investors looking to identify the next company to add to their portfolio. I saw entrepreneurs pitching their talent and team to investors that can help fuel their growth. I saw professionals from government and non-profits looking to learn and identify the trends and growth industries that will drive the next decade of economic development. I saw academicians showcasing the way they are training the next generation of value creators by teaching new ways for students to think about themselves in our fast changing, technology driven economy. I interacted with the show organizers and all their vendors which set up the infrastructure for all these connections to be enabled. I met, perhaps, dozens of people as I said. I saw hundreds which I did not meet. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of them tomorrow during the last day of the conference. I will not meet hundreds, thousands of them, but to draw some general conclusions on most all of them I do not need to.

Everybody wants to connect. Everyone in the hall is seeking the best way to improve their condition. They do this because they see potential, they recognize the very real probability that the right selfish outcome for them will materialize. This outcome could be finally accessing the right funding to scale a business. It could be finding the entrepreneur with the right product and business model that will provide extraordinary returns to an investor that will more than compensate for the risk of the many other investments that they know will not bear fruit. It could be providing the right economic subsidies that will attract the right entrepreneurs, or the right investors into the right city or the right county, or diversify the talent base to make it more robust and resilient regardless of where the economic cycle is. It could be opening a path for the younger to find within themselves the capacity to identify their own talents, their reason for being, to find what makes their life meaningful to them because they can provide meaning to the lives of others.

Everybody wins. Everybody wins because we are free to associate, we are free to learn, to discover, to pursue what we at any time think will make us happier by making us prosperous. We are free to trade, we are free to buy and sell, and most importantly we are free to try and we are free to fail. If these things were not real, and the real possibility achieving our individual goals did not exist, we would not see the thousands of people we see congregating to learn from each other and pursue the right connections, with patience and persistence.

Our View from the Top – April 30, 2019