Entering a new year is like jumping a fence. You know what you’re leaving behind, and you know that at any point months after the beginning of the year you can go back to the fence and jump back. Optimally, you wouldn’t do that. The reasons to do that, to go visit the same point and place in time already passed decrease in value the further away the fence is, because of all the time wasted to make the trip back to the fence. Hopefully, the further along the year progresses, you move in a forward direction away from the fence enough to make it a necessity, or a habit, to use other means to record the lessons you think you may feel inclined to revisit in the future. Forcing yourself to critically analyze, to log, to journal, to think of ways to efficiently become able to recall the important learning moments of your past, I believe, is a good habit. At the same time, you must be careful to not overdo this recording, this registering. It does not have to be only physical, it could include virtual or memory components. You should only focus on the key, fully distilled bits of learning. And it should be focused on the future, on improvement. I believe that if you do this long enough and consistently enough, with logical reason and religious discipline, you will acquire a beneficial skill. Entrepreneurs who learn how to do this well, mainly though the use of the lean mental frameworks we encourage them to make into habits, thrive.

As the new year starts, stop thinking so much about your idea, stop imagining, visualizing, fantasizing. Start looking at your methods, at the mechanisms through which you give yourself feedback. Reach out to people and programs that can help you do that. You can always do better. Cultivate the right habits and aim high. I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019.

Our View from the Top – January 1, 2019