The Dudes exist to make life better. These words from Jayson Koss, founder and CEO of Delivery Dudes, evoke the “why” that explains the success he and his team have had in building a $50M profitable company, in a highly competitive space, with a culture that would be the envy of most companies of this size. For all of us fortunate to see Jayson deliver the keynote conversation – because that’s what it was – during the Startup NOW Annual Alumni gathering, the craziness of the world around us stopped for over an hour as we got immersed in his words of wisdom. Phenomenal falls short in explaining how fresh, genuine and substantial his remarks were, delivered with transparency and a natural connection to his audience. We thank Jayson and can’t wait to stay connected and continue to learn from him.

Thank you Jayson Koss, founder & CEO of Delivery Dudes!