It is Spring Break at Broward College. Most of us at the Innovation Hub are enjoying some well-deserved time off. Our programs, however, continue, even this week. The great Jerilyn is doing a great job guarding the fort, and taking care of our entrepreneurs going through the Lean Launchpad and Launch stages (2 groups simultaneously) in Startup NOW. I am taking care of some projects around the house, and I thought I would give you an update on my October 31st column. It showed the before and after of a heavenly retreat I get to enjoy when I stay in the mountains in the small town of Aguas Buenas where Hurricane María’s eye wreaked havoc. I encourage you to go back and re-read the column here.

The lesson I learned then was that resilient people – specifically entrepreneurs – confront crises with optimism and energy. Four months later, I received a new picture, the one on the right. As can see, things are back! The despair and sadness of September have transformed into encouragement and happiness. Everyone touched by that event has been, in some way, reborn again. I can sense it when I speak to the people I know who spent over three months without power – including close relatives. You can see it in the new foliage springing everywhere. Not everybody has been as lucky, however, after all this time. But there continues to be hope and perseverance. As you count your blessings – and believe me, we have tons – think about those still struggling to make a comeback, and keep them in your mind and in your actions.

I’ll be back next week after this break, re-nurtured.

Our View from the Top – March 6, 2018